no Bueno*

I almost ripped a page, I’m trying to refrain the rage; I mean I want your presence, but I don’t want to engage. I leisurely amble around a matter I prefer to pass; I’m not eager at all to hear about something I use to have…

keep looking forward, don’t be enslaved by your past. being engrossed with the things you’re sure will last; never put all your taters in one bag…


I’ve surrounded myself around wealth and networks; I want to absorb so much knowledge that my brain will start to hurt. the fruits of life is what I choose to feed on; my journey is feeling mad long…

putting figures on my decisions, I never wanted to live only with permission. who I am, and who I am growing to be, will manifest things unheard of; am full-time, there will not be any subs…

there are many outcomes that has made me perplexed; there’re volumes of it, yet, it seem so vexed. shutting down dark matter, I’m not allowing foreign energy to make me a mad-hatter…

cutting out parts of life, like pieces of magazines; creating a vision board, that can’t be intervened; chortling in happiness, that gives no symptoms of stress; moving in ways that’ll magnify sunshine, I’m telling you – it’s getting closer to my time!


there’s no reason to be so rapid, everyone knows about the turtle and the rabbit; what of a snail? I’m sure that would be a hell of tale.

what happens when you move just a tad bit slower? you just might recognize something that was just around the corner, and moreover.

slow-motion gives you distinct details, given broader opportunities that could impel. going over every moment with an open observation, that I’ll will only allow positive preservation.


I am flattered with growing pains; I am gaining in ways that prove that I’ve been brave and; agonizing dilemmas spoil only a second of my time; I know when to cut it off though, I don’t need a sign.

finding different expressions to utilize, creating my own unique design; breaking a plethora of habits that could hinder me; avoiding afflictions that could cause infamy.

who else can I be, when I’m myself perfectly? why would anything else be better? any other version wouldn’t compare, nor its pressure…


being stable in what of my mission consists of firsthand
locking in a plan, to make sure I know where I stand
a place where I make demands, without prejudice,
I would do right by us, I love caring for others. 
though, everyone should love one another;
transitioning with a sequence that'll provide self-therapy,
in my defense...


the pages are getting thicker, seeing that this is something bigger; I refuse to exaggerate, I just can’t help but to contemplate.

chaperoning every move of another, I thank God for a powerful, and thoughtful mother; strong-minded whenever I should, doing all and more than I ever could.

I’m recognizing where the good is hidden it’s being honest, without the fibbing! what more could I say to better explain? i’m doing my best to maintain.

always making sure I am alert, and I am sane always…


subjected to only love, nurturing my heart only with positivity; finding peace and constant tranquility. putting together things anew, discovering creativity in more ways than two.

I usher my intuition, to manage stable premonitions – I’m making many changes, and I’m doing it at close range….

give me a royal blue sky, where the sunshine isn’t deprived; accommodating the opportunity to truly survive. show me a world undivided, that it’s possible to begin with love… we have it in us, we just got to apply it.

two is enough*

working on myself daily, I have no other story lately; I should always be enough, without it always being tough.

liberating my mind often, especially when needed, so when I’m inspired, I do my best to receive it.

window shopping my own rewards, for when I receive them, it’ll be adored; creating obligations that’ll be purposeful, and the way I’ll do it will not be subtle.

I’m long winded, mentally that is – It’s why do my best to condense the thoughts I shouldn’t be revisiting.

sheltering my heart from pain that could rip it apart; I’m really trying to shift my focus elsewhere, sometimes I don’t want to be bare after the very start.

I will flourish like a planted seed in the ground, I will grow and engage until my mind is truly sound.

two columns*

moving very slow, with no where really to go; though, I am excited, anything can happen and I’m delighted!

spending momentums of amount of time, with what I genuinely call mine; more than a woman in my prime, I am a creation from God’s design.

focusing, using tunnel vision, making sure I remain whole, without division

doing my best gracefully, being me has always worked perfectly; they’re flaws to you, and gift to me, and I will always embrace it, in it’s entirety.

laying down my own failures, to replenish the joy in knowing that I’ll always receive favor; resetting who I am, making tweaks to stuff that should be on the lam.

my emotions can be overwhelming, but I don’t sit around dwelling; all we can do is try, and when I’ve done my best, I may still cry, then digress.

I am a euphoric person, and I doubt you’ll find any other version, and that’s for certain…